Export Datasets in Salesforce Analytics Cloud – Video

Once data is synced from various sources in Dataset, it is saved in proprietor format of Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud and can be retrieved using Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL). I came across free utility Analytics-Cloud-Dataset-Utils which is listed on my favorite Salesforce tools entry.

After downloading Analytics-Cloud-Dataset-Utils, simply execute jar file from console as shown in below video. New window will be opened in browser by executing that command.

Below video tutorial shows, how this tool can be used to extract Dataset from Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud as a CSV file.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud – Compare and Data Table (Video)

This is a third video in “Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud” series to get familiar with platform.

This video demonstrates below functionality of Analytics cloud

  1. Logarithmic Scale
  2. Export lens as an image
  3. Focus
  4. Using Data table
  5. Benefit of Compare table

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud – Stacked Bar Chart Hands On (Video)

This is second video in series to learn and get familiar with “Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud”.

This is first video to directly get hands-on wave platform after covering some of basics.

It shows how to use “Stacked Bar Chart” in lenses.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Basics – Video

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is new Business Intelligence tool from Salesforce on Wave platform.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud
Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

How Wave Works

We can import millions of data into wave from external systems like Salesforce, SAP, BOOMI, CSV, Informatica etc.

How Salesforce Wave works
How Salesforce Wave works

Imported data in Wave is known as Dataset. Multiple lenses can be created on those Datasets which could be used to create dashboards.