Salesforce Analytics Cloud Basics – Video

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is new Business Intelligence tool from Salesforce on Wave platform.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud
Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

How Wave Works

We can import millions of data into wave from external systems like Salesforce, SAP, BOOMI, CSV, Informatica etc.

How Salesforce Wave works
How Salesforce Wave works

Imported data in Wave is known as Dataset. Multiple lenses can be created on those Datasets which could be used to create dashboards.


We can say , this is fancy word for folders analogous to “Reports and Dashboards” in Salesforce. Apps can contain Datasets, lenses and dashboards. By default, there are two types of Apps

  1. Private App
  2. Shared App

As name suggests, anything in “private app” would be visible to logged in user and anything in “Shared App” would be visible to users having access to that App.


These are set of formatted and optimized data imported from Source systems.


These are saved explorations created from Datasets. It consists of

  • Measure
    • What to measure
    • Is numeric values like count, sum, average etc…
  • Dimensions
    • How to measure
    • Value in dataset by which we can group content. columns like Opportunity won date, stage, lead source and so on.
  • Filters
    • Which data to include (Condition)

Exploration History

As we continue to build lenses, we may need to go back to previous steps to stop or start again. Salesforce wave platform records each step and saved in “Exploration History” with thumbnail.

Exploration History in Salesforce Analytics Cloud
Exploration History in Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Everything we discussed here is demonstrated in below YouTube video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos on Salesforce Analytics cloud.

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