How to make WordPress blog faster and minimize CPU Usage

In this article, I will share my personal experience regarding this blog performance and nightmares of disabling website everyday because of CPU Utilization. I tried all my best however I was unable to figure out the cause of high CPU Usage by wordPress. I tried many articles on Google and at last I found some pointers and able to escape from this problem.

This article is specific to my problem only, However I am sure it will help many others also.

I started with ways, which will less impact my blog and will take less time.

1. Disable WordPress Cron Job

This was my first step, disabling cron Job. In most of cases we are not using this feature. Mostly it is used when you schedule some article to publish on some day or time. To disable it, Open “wp-config.php” file and add below line at top of page.

define(“˜DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true);

What if I need this cron job ?

You can easily create a cron Job anytime, by following below process.
a. Log into your cPanel.
b. In the Advanced section, click Cron jobs.
c. Under Add New Cron Job, select the time interval. It is recommended not to add time interval less than 15 minutes.
d. Set the cron command to the following, replacing with your actual domain name:

wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1

The above command tells the Linux server to run wp-cron via wget, which will trigger the wp-cron.php script to do it’s job on your schedule instead of on each page view. This will lessen the amount of processes on the server.

e. Click Add New Cron Job to set the cron.

2. Disable Plugins

Now, Here comes actual reason for WordPress blog high CPU usage. I had many plugins and started to disable one by one.

AutoComplete Component in Visualforce using JQueryUI

In this tutorial, I am going to explain very Simple AJAX and JSON based Auto Complete component with the help of JQuery UI. First I am assuming that you already have Static Resource of named “AutoCompleteWithModal“. This Static resource has all images, CSS and JQuery library needed to implement this component.

In one of my old post, I have already explained that how to generate JSON in Visualforce page. So Considering same article I have create Visualforce page named “Account_JSON” which returns list of Accounts on basis of text entered in input field.

Salesforce Helptext like Custom Tooltip using JQuery

Welcome back Readers. This is my first blog entry for year 2013, i know its too late. However i can ensure that i have lots of unique post which will come this year. I am starting this year with very light post , mimic the help-text style of Salesforce.

Salesforce like Helptext - Tooltip using JQuery
Salesforce like Helptext – Tooltip using JQuery

Download Salesforce Helptext like Tooltip using JQuery – Source Code

Most of the time when i override Visualforce page, customers many time demand for same Standard page layout.

apex:inputField and apex:outputField shows their help bubble (if applicable) when nested within a pageBlockSection component automatically.

If you want to provide your own text instead you can by utilizing the helpText attribute on pageBlockSectionItem. Also you can access the help text within an expression by using the respective $ObjectType global as such:

Complete CSS 3 Tutorial – Transform Operations

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is the language used by all the web languages like ASP.Net, PHP, JSP or Velocity (Basically HTML) to control the display style of the elements without changing the code. With the help of CSS we can control the border width, color, background color, background image, font and so on.

With the help of CSS 3 other than just style now we can even animate, translate and do lots of stuff which were not possible by the CSS 2 and needed the help of other JavaScript library like JQuery UI.

In this tutorial we are going to learn different transform operations supported by the CSS 3.

The Transform operations are supported by IE 9, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Live Demo – Click Here.

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Handling Colon in Element ID in JQuery – Visualforce problem

Today i came across very known problem of jQuery and thought of sharing same with everyone. In Salesforce the element id is in the format of “j_id0:j_id3:j_id4:c_txt“. In previous post we have already discussed about getting the elementId in Visualforce.
When i tried to find the element in JQuery like $(‘#j_id0:j_id3:j_id4:c_txt’), i was getting the error on JavaScript console of the browser. After few searches, i got to know that this is known problem and faced by many of the developers.

Live Demo

CSS – label control ignores the width style

Label tag does not work with css attribute “width” on some browsers like Chrome and Mozilla.

Simplest solution is :
before applying css for width, make sure “float:left” is written for label control.

Label elements are in-line style elements, so technically Chrome and Firefox are interpreting the CSS properly by not obeying my width declaration. In-line elements do not accept width attributes. The workaround is to force the label element to become a block level element by floating it.


Disable inputs after submit to avoid double submission using JQuery and Ajax

This tutorial will explain one of the ways to avoid accidental submissions of form using the JQuery and Ajax. While developing the web application this is the most common bug ignored by the newbies.

I will use the JQuery library and the Ajax to accomplish this behavior.

Disable inputs after submit to avoid double submission using JQuery
Disable inputs after submit to avoid double submission using JQuery

Create Pure CSS based Menu – Step by Step Tutorial

After a long time i am going to write the article on CSS and HTML.  In this tutorial i am going to create a pure CSS based Menu with description of lots of CSS property and problems faced by the web developer. One advantage of having CSS based Menu rather than  JavaScript based Menu is that it is very light weight and cross browse compatible. I have used CSS based Menu in my website

Live Demo – Pure CSS based Menu

Lets consider below HTML code on which we want to create a Menu.

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