Simple Tips and Tricks of CCMS of SAP


  • In CCMS infrastructure , if the system identifies a problem, it should execute an auto reaction, such as informing the responsible person.
  • Completed messages alerts are no longer stored in the monitoring segment, but rather in a database table (ALALERTDB). This table should be regularly cleaned up (report RSALDBRG). The completed messages can still be displayed using the Alert History.
  • From a security point of view, it is recommended that you also define a second RFC connection between the systems, with which the analysis methods can be started in the remote system from the central monitoring system. If a problem occurs, you can therefore branch directly from the central monitor to the remote system to analyze the situation in more detail.
  • SAP recommends that, for your regular work, you create your own monitors that display precisely the cross-system or local data that you require for your work. The sets and monitors delivered by SAP cannot be changed.
  • Threshold values must be stored locally in every system. However, instead of maintaining the same threshold values in every system, SAP recommends that you maintain the values in the central monitoring system and then distribute them to the monitored SAP systems using the transport system.
  • The delivered SAP monitors should always be used only as templates. The copied monitors are then adjusted to the customer’s requirements.
  • Transfer as little data as possible by RFC
  • Before you create your own monitor, you should clarify the purpose of the monitor. The monitor should display as little data as possible in as clear a way as possible.
  • The prerequisite for transporting the threshold values to other SAP systems is that you have stored them in properties variants.
  • In the RFC connection that is used for the start of the analysis method, do not enter a user, but rather check the field Current User.
  • As a global guide value, SAP recommends 10-20 monitoring attributes for each monitored instance in the central monitor.
  • Note the naming convention that your monitor set should not begin with SAP.

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