Create Forum inside WordPress blog using Mingle Forum Plugin

This was the requirement of one of my friend who needed integration of forum with wordpress blog. All the users of wordpress should be able to login into the forum. It was the good idea but normally i have not seen this type of functionality. Then after searching i came across one powerful forum plugin for the wordpress named “Mingle Forum for the wordpress“.

To start with it install the “Mingle Forum” plugin and activate it.

Create one page (may be with name Forum) in wordpress and write text “[mingleforum]” and disable the comments, trackback and ping-backs.

Now in the settings of Mingle forum, create a new Forum. I had created two forum for the demo purpose. You can see new Topic image in below screen shot. Whenever you will open the Page on which “[mingleforum]” is written, the forum will functionality will be opened.

Integration of forum with WordPress blog
Integration of forum with WordPress blog

The reason i have suggested for the mingle forum because its very flexible in terms of settings and very active updates are available for the WordPress.

Also there is online video available about the configuration of the Mingle Forum, you can check here.

I hope this will be very hopeful for lots of the bloggers.






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4 responses to “Create Forum inside WordPress blog using Mingle Forum Plugin”

  1. Melody Priscila Avatar
    Melody Priscila

    Thank you. The post is very helpful. Hope you more success

  2. Spagotil Avatar

    thanks! i almost forgot that in order to use the plugin, i only have to put this [mingleforum] in my page/post !

  3. Bailey Blake Avatar
    Bailey Blake

    Thank you thank you thank you! I was just saved A LOT of headache and frustration after reading your post…a thousand times thank you again! 🙂

  4. TNI POLRI Avatar

    i like this

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