Display author name in wordpress

Look in the default theme’s index.php file for the proper template tag:

<code><?php the_author() ?></code>

and a good place to put it.

Display Author’s ‘Public’ Name

Displays the value in the user’s Display name publicly as field.

<p>This post was written by <?php the_author(); ?></p>

Get Author link

<p>Written by:
<?php echo get_the_author_link(); ?></p>

The Author’s Post

<p><?php the_author(); ?> has blogged <?php the_author_posts(); ?></pre>

The Author’s Post Link

<p>Other posts by <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?></p>

for more info check below URL





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One response to “Display author name in wordpress”

  1. Mose Avatar

    I used the same syntax it does not showing author name, What is the error in this statement, Pl. help

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