Lead convert problem in Salesforce

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Lead convert problem in Salesforce if the fields in Account, contact, opportunity are mandatory and not available in Lead

Many of salesforce programmer face problem while converting the Lead into Accounts, Contact, Opportunities and followup tasks.

Normally the reason is custom field created by you in any of above which is mandatory and not present in Lead.

For example in Below screen:

Lead Conversion error in salesforce
Lead Conversion error in salesforce

The error is caused because of field Phone extention in Account which is mandatory.

So, to resolve this kind of error, following approach can be used.

Determine the mandatory fields which are present in Opportunity, Account and contacts.

If those fields are not present in the Lead or not mapped in the lead than create those fields in Lead and through field map functionality, map those fields with Account, opportunity whatever required.

Map Lead Fields in Salesforce
Map Lead Fields in Salesforce

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5 thoughts on “Lead convert problem in Salesforce”

  1. Recently the Person Account functionality has been activated.
    Now, when creating a new Account, type Business Account, we get the error:
    “Business Account may not use Person Account field PersonLeadSource”.

    Any help would be appreciated..

    1. Hi Deepu, while converting the lead if you don’t provide the company name then it will try to convert it as person account. I would suggest you to remove the field of person account from lead field mapping.

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