Change Windows Xp Icon’s Background color to Transparent

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How to Change Windows Xp Icon’s Background color

If you’ve been wondering why your XP desktop icons have a background color, you’ll be glad to know you can flip a checkbox and have them go back to a normal transparent background.

Here’s the two versions side by side.

Windows Desktop Icon With BackgroundWindows Desktop Icon Without Background

To set the transparent background on the icons, we’ll need to open System Properties in Control Panel (or right-click on My Computer and select Properties).

Windows XP My Computer PropertyIn this dialog, click the Advanced tab, and then the Settings button under the Performance section.

Setting to remove icon background color in Windows XP
Check the option “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop”.

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3 thoughts on “Change Windows Xp Icon’s Background color to Transparent”

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  2. I too had this problem. I read somewhere in forms and got rid of that.

    the solution is

    01. Right click on My computer

    02. Click properties

    03. Go to advanced tab.

    04. Under Performance click Settings

    05. Unchecked all options here and save.

    06. Right click on Desktop

    07. Under Desktop go to Customize Desktop.

    08. click Web tab, and make sure to unchecked Lock desktop items.

    09. Right click on My computer

    10. Click properties

    11. Go to advanced tab.

    12. Under Performance click Settings

    13. checked all options here and save. 🙂 Done hope its work for you all.

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