Introduction to Central User Administration (CUA) – SAP

In a large landscape consisting of number SAP systems, it becomes time consuming job to perform user administration. For instance, if one needs to assign the role to one user in all the systems involved in the landscape, one needs to perform the below steps in each system in landscape:

  • Login to system
  • Execute the t-code SU01 and open the user
  • Assign the role and save the changes

The above process can be simplified if Central User Administration system (CUA) has been installed in above landscape. Now, we will go through the detailed introduction to CUA in below section.
CUA is a SAP system to which all the SAP systems in landscape are connected through RFC connections. This enables user to perform user maintenance for all the connected systems from one central CUA system. Below is the pictorial representation of this concept:

Central User Administration (CUA) in SAP
Central User Administration (CUA) in SAP

As given in above diagram, the CUA system is connected with other SAP systems such SAP ECC, SAP BW and SAP CRM. Now, if we need to assign the role to user in all the systems present in the landscape then we need to perform the below steps in CUA system only.

  • Login to system
  • Execute the t-code SU01 and open the user
  • Assign the role to user for respective systems and save the changes

However, to achieve this, the SAP IDs of user need to be same in all the system. We will discuss the technical background about CUA in our next blogs.





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