How to Debug Manage Package in Salesforce

Many times as a developer we need to debug the manage package for possible run time error. For example , while uploading contacts using Import wizard we get “Internal Server Error” and when we try to look into debug log there is no clear indications. However in my experience i have seen this kind of error may be because of manage package installed from AppExchange. As per “Intellectual property” rights , Salesforce cannot show the debug logs to everyone, However there is one way to achieve by System admins to some extent.

For purpose of this article, i am using one manage package from AppExchange to show how it works.

Before performing any operation on installed package, just open the “Developer Console“. Once you are done, check the logs. You will see something like below screen shot and you will be able to debug at least till some level.

Debug Manage Package in Salesforce Using Developer Console
Debug Manage Package in Salesforce Using Developer Console


  1. If I have to debug, I usually insert an Account and fill in the description. Obviously, you can’t do this when it is deployed on the customers’ orgs.

    1. I installed AppExchange and tried. It worked in my env although package is Manage. It is not working when u add urself in Debug log

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