1. Thanks Jitendra. You ran into the same issues I had, and you explained them clearly. Note to others:

    In the CustomObject, definition, the Custom Metadata Type takes the __mdt suffix. Like this: Data_Import_Mapping__mdt

    But in the CustomMetaData definition, there are no suffixes, not even on the record names. No __c, for instance. Correct is:


    1. Thank you Jitendra. And one more point – When u add custom metadata Object to package, it will include all the standard and custom fields. If you have records created under manage options, add those values under custommeta data tag to package. As baird said those values under manage options, will have have any suffixes.

      Thank you @jitendra it was helpful.

  2. How do you retrieve all records of a particular custom metadata say ABC__mdt? I tried



    but it just retrieved records from all custom metadata types

    1. It retrieves all records with CustomMetadata
      ABD.*, however it also shows an error message : Entity of type ‘CustomMetadata’ named ‘ABC.*’ cannot be found. Any idea why?

        1. CustomMetaDataType.recordname

          this should be structure to deploy metadata record.
          Earlier i was using
          So the __mdt was causing the issue

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