Salesforce Interview Questions – Part 2

10. Do governor limits apply to sandbox instances?

Ans : Governor limits do apply to all Salesforce instances (trial, developer, production or sandbox environments). However code coverage and successful execution of test classes is only enforced when deploying to a production environment.

11. What is difference in ISNULL and ISBLANK?


  • Determines if an expression is null (blank) and returns TRUE if it is. If it contains a value, this function returns FALSE.
  • Text fields are never null, so using this function with a text field always returns false. For example, the formula field IF(ISNULL(new__c) 1, 0) is always zero regardless of the value in the New field. For text fields, use the ISBLANK function instead.
  • Multi-select picklist fields are never null in s-controls, buttons, and email templates, so using this function with a multi-select picklist field in those contexts always returns false.
  • Empty date and date/time fields always return true when referenced in ISNULL functions.
  • Choose Treat blank fields as blanks for your formula when referencing a number, percent, or currency field in an ISNULL function. Choosing Treat blank fields as zeroes gives blank fields the value of zero so none of them will be null.
  • Merge fields can be handled as blanks, which can affect the results of components like s-controls because they can call this function.
  • When using a validation rule to ensure that a number field contains a specific value, use the ISNULL function to include fields that do not contain any value. For example, to validate that a custom field contains a value of ‘1,’ use the following validation rule to display an error if the field is blank or any other number: OR(ISNULL(field__c), field__c<>1)


  • Determines if an expression has a value and returns TRUE if it does not. If it contains a value, this function returns FALSE.
  • Use ISBLANK instead of ISNULL in new formulas. ISBLANK has the same functionality as ISNULL, but also supports text fields. will continue to support ISNULL, so you do not need to change any existing formulas.
  • A field is not empty if it contains a character, blank space, or zero. For example, a field that contains a space inserted with the spacebar is not empty.
  • Use the BLANKVALUE function to return a specified string if the field does not have a value; use the ISBLANK function if you only want to check if the field has a value.
  • If you use this function with a numeric field, the function only returns TRUE if the field has no value and is not configured to treat blank fields as zeroes.

for further study you can read this link.

12. Is it possible to write the Apex code from user Interface?

You can add, edit, or delete Apex using the user interface only in a Developer Edition organization, a Enterprise Edition trial organization, or sandboxorganization. In a production organization, you can only make changes to Apex by using the Metadata API ,

deploycall, the IDE, or Migration Tool. The IDE and Migration Tool are free resources provided by to support its users and partners, but are not considered part of our Services for purposes of the Master Subscription Agreement.

13. When you can’t add Time dependent action in Workflow rule?
You can’t add time-dependent actions to a rule if you choose Every time a record is created or edited.

For more study, check this article

14. What are the types of email templates available in

  1. Text
  2. HTML with Letter Head
  3. Custom HTML
  4. Visual force

To study more on email templates, refer this article

15. What are the different Editions and Limits?

Ans : check this URL

16. What is Roll up summary field in Salesforce?

Roll up summary field in salesforce calculates the Count, Sum, Min or Max of particular field of any child record. Thus, we can say that Roll up summary field can only be created on Master object. To read further, please check this URL

17. What will happen if the Account is deleted?

If the Account is deleted then Contact, Opportunity will also be deleted from Salesforce which are related to that Account.

From the database perspective, check below image of child relationships of Account:

Account Child relationship in salesforce
Account Child relationship in salesforce

If we use schema builder, released in Winter 12 it would look like:

Account Contact and Opportunity of salesforce in schema builder
Account Contact and Opportunity of salesforce in schema builder

18. How many types of the relationship fields available in Salesforce?

Ans :

  1. Master Detail
  2. Many to Many
  3. Lookup
  4. Hierarchical (It is available only on User Object, we cannot create this relationship)

For further study read this.

19. How to create many to many relationships between object?

Creating many to many relationship in salesforce is little tricky. You cannot create this type of relationship directly. Follow below steps to create this type of relationship.

Create both objects which should be interlinked.

Create one custom object (also called as junction object), which should have autonumber as unique identification and create two master relationships for both objects, no need create tab for this object.

Now on both object, add this field as related list.

Check this article on blog to create many to many relationship in detail.

To study more in detail, please refer salesforce documents.






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    #17 The contacts associated to the accounts will not be deleted because in reality the accounts and contact do not behave as MD reationship.
    The contacts will just become provate and only visible to System admins. they will still exists in SF

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        Though account and contact don’t have as MD reationship, it acts as Master Detail.
        So if Accounts gets delete then Contact automatically will get delete.
        Moreover if we undelete account then contact also get undelete.

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