Salesforce Interview Questions – Part 24 – Person Account

231. How much space is taken by each Person Account record ?
Ans : As it acts as Account (2kb) and Contact (2kb), total space taken is 4kb.

232. Can we create a field on Person Account directly ?
Ans : No. We need to create a field on contact which will appear for Person Account as well. Fields created on Contact appear on Account with extension __pc.

233. Can we select Person Account as parent for Business Account  and create Account hierarchy ?
Ans: Person Account is used for B2C & Business Account is B2B model in Salesforce. In real life, headquarter or head office of business Account can never be person Account. Therefore we cannot choose Person Account as parent Account for Business Account. It will throw error –Parent Account may not be a person account.

234. Can we select Business Account as parent for Person Account  and create Account hierarchy ?
Ans: No. Standard Field Parent Account would not even appear on Person Account page layouts if we try to add it.

235. Can you link Person Account to Person Account using standard Parent Account field available on Account ?
Ans: No. Standard Field Parent Account would not even appear on Person Account page layouts if we try to add it.

235. How to link Person Account with Parent Person Account or Business Account ?
Ans: Create a custom lookup field on contact of type Account. this field can be used to choose parent Business Account or Person Account. We can also choose Contacts to Multiple Accounts to relate Person Account and Business Account without creating custom field.

236. Can you merge Person Account with Business Account ?
Ans: No. Merging can be done with same type of Objects therefore Person Account can be merged with only other Person Account.

237. Can a Person Account activated as a partner user in Partner Community ?
Ans: No, Personal account cannot be an Industry or company, therefore it can’t be used in Partner Community. However, it can be used in Customer Community.

238. How to enable Person Account ?
Ans: Once below conditions are met, you can contact Salesforce support to enable Person Account

  • At least one record type should exist for Account (Business Account)
  • Org Wide Defaults (OWD) for Contacts should be Controlled by Parent
  • Every profile which have read permission on Account  should have read permission on Contact as well.

239. How to create Person Account using Lead Conversion Process ?

Ans : If Company field on Lead contains value, then Business Account is created otherwise Person Account.

240. As Person Account acts as Contact and Account. Which trigger would be executed for Person Account ?
Ans : Account Trigger. Because under the hood, its Account which can be used as Contact.


Bonus Question 1 : How to traverse Person Account relational field from Account in SOQL.
Ans : Let’s say, you have a lookup field created on Contact. This field would be available for Person Account and can be referred using extension __pc. To traverse parent record in SOQL, we replace __c by __r. In same way, we can traverse Person Account relational field using __pr.




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