Salesforce Interview Questions – Part 9

81. Which type of report can be used for dashboard components?
Ans : Summary and matric report.

82. How many types of dashboard components are available?
Ans : Chart, Table, Metric and Gauge.

83. Explain dynamic Dashboard.
Ans : Dashboard which is running under current logged in user permission are known as “dynamic Dasboard”. At the most 3 dynamic dashboards can be built. Available in Unlimited, Enterprise and developer edition. This type of dashboard cannot be scheduled for refresh. IT must be scheduled manually.

84. What is the default timeout period while calling webservice from Apex.
Ans : 10 sec.

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85. A single Apex transaction can make how many callouts to an HTTP request or an API call ?
Ans : Maximum 10 callouts

86. How to increase timeout while calling web service from Apex ?
Ans :

docSample.DocSamplePort stub = new docSample.DocSamplePort();
stub.timeout_x = 2000; // timeout in milliseconds

87. How to show loading image while Ajax call in Visualforce? OR how to show image in <apex:actionStatus> tag in Visualforce?

<div style="position:absolute;top:20px;left: 50%;">
            <apex:actionStatus id="refreshContent" >
               <apex:facet name="start" >
                <apex:image url="{!$Resource.LoadingImage}" />

88. What is analytic Snapshot in salesforce?
Ans : Analytic snapshot capture and store the data at pre decided intervals. It captures data from report and saves in custom object as per schedule. It only supports tabular and summary report as a source report. It does not support matrix report. The field type in target object must be same as source report object field.

Salesforce Analytic Snapshot - Source Report and Target Object
Salesforce Analytic Snapshot – Source Report and Target Object
Salesforce Analytic Snapshot - Field Mapping between Source Report and Target Object
Salesforce Analytic Snapshot – Field Mapping between Source Report and Target Object

89. What is difference between Mobile Lite and Salesforce Mobile?
Ans :

Mobile Lite
Salesforce Mobile
Edit capabilitiesAll standard objectsAny app, any record
CustomizationsSupports custom fieldsAny – includes custom fields, objects, tabs, configurations
RecordsMost recently used records; search onlyAll records
ObjectsLeads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, events, cases, solutions, assets, and dashboardsAll objects
Custom objectsNoneAny
Initial set of recordsRecently viewed on WebFully configurable
Download additional recordsUsing live searchUsing live search
SecuritySecured data access and over-the-air managementSecured data access and over-the-air management
PriceFree for all editions of SalesforceFree for Unlimited Edition customers; available in Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition for a fee

90. What is features of “Manage Members” in campaign records?
Ans :

Campaign members are created from lead, contact, or person account records. Salesforce provides a variety of ways in which you can manage your campaign members. You can add and update up to 50,000 campaign members at a time through lead, contact, and person account reports; you can search for and add or edit multiple leads and contacts from the Manage Members page; you can add an unlimited number of leads and contacts using a CSV import file; or you can add members to a campaign one at a time from contact or lead detail pages.
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