Using Account Relationship Data Sharing Rule

Sharing records in partner community from different Accounts

As we know there are limited options to share records between community users.

For Customer Community , we can use Sharing set or Sharing Group.

For Customer Community Plus & Partner Community we can use role & Sharing rule. Maximum role that community can have is 3 per account and thats limitation there as well.

Now , lets assume below scenario

Let’s assume, user Pat Stumuller wants to see either few or all Opportunity from Account Edge Communications. Point to note here – Org wide sharing default is private and Pat does not belong to Edge Communications.

So, what could be the options ?

Account relationship data sharing rule is perfect solution in this case without writing any code. I’ve created below video explaining how it all fits together.

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One response to “Sharing records in partner community from different Accounts”

  1. Sayali Avatar

    Does this only work for users with partner community license? I am trying to make it work for users with customer community plus license but looks like the rules are not working.

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