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Winter 18 – Automatic Styling of Visualforce Pages in Lightning Experience

Reason I posted previous blog was to showcase life of Visualforce developer before and after Winter 18If we want to use same Visualforce in classic and Lightning experience then we had to check theme of logged-in user in Visualforce and render page section accordingly.

However, not any more. With Winter 18we have LightningStylesheet attribute available for apex:page tag. Below source code produces same output as of previous code, however no extra logic to detect and render page section as per logged in user theme.

Winter 18 - Automatic Styling of Visualforce Pages in Lightning Experience
Winter 18 – Automatic Styling of Visualforce Pages in Lightning Experience

Note :

  • This feature is still in Beta and Salesforce team is doing their best to produce most efficient code to render existing Visualforce into Lightning experience.
  • This would be applicable only for apex: tags in Visualforce. Custom stylesheet or hacks around standard stylesheet may not work.
  • Salesforce is also working on Google chrome extension which will show existing visualforce that how existing Visualforce page will look after using this tag. However there is no confirmed URL of this extension yet and could be available in next release.




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5 responses to “Winter 18 – Automatic Styling of Visualforce Pages in Lightning Experience”

  1. Manvendra Avatar

    Hello Sir ,
    I was trying to implement lightningstylesheets on my VisualForce page , but i was getting below error .
    “Unsupported attribute lightningstylesheets in “

    1. Jitendra Zaa Avatar

      Hi Manvendra, its only supported for Winter 18 onwards. You would need to change the API version of VF page to latest API.

  2. Manny Avatar

    I just copied and pasted the code and it works like a charm. But my question is where are those filterId, listViewOptions are bind to? Also there’s an init(); method too. But i cant see the method in VF too. Please help to elaborate more. I’m pretty much new to SFDC.


  3. Anshu Singh Avatar
    Anshu Singh

    Hello Sir,
    How do I designate the field of data and contact data in a Visually FORCE Page so that when a data connection is saved, then a contact and an account becomes CREATE?

  4. Aviv Caspi Avatar
    Aviv Caspi

    We are using the lightning design in a visualforce page. For some reason, in SB it works amazing but when we deploy it to production there is no design.
    Did you have the same issue before? How can we solve it?

    Thank you,

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