Use FXcop with ASP.NET

FxCop, an abbreviation “Framework Police,” is a rules-based engine that checks managed code assemblies for Microsoft’s .NET Framework design guidelines and custom guidelines. FxCop is a rule based engine which helps the development team to follow best practices of the .NET platform and development standards (based on every company standards).
You can apply to any assembly which been created using any language that target Microsoft.NET managed environment.


1.Make sure coding standards follow such as naming conventions, globalization etc. as per company standards.
2. Avoid bad coding. (No one write bad code however as the application grows development team size also grow usually so ever new team member must know how to design their classes, follow naming convention etc.).
3. Predefined set of rules.
4. Support for creating custom rules.
5. Generate formatted XML Analysis Report.

To use FxCop with ASP.NET, follow below steps:

Go to

C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727Temporary ASP.NET FilesMyTest

Where MyTest is your project folder

Select details view from Explorer so you can see which folder is the newer folder and open it up

Select details view again and hunt down the App_Web dll file that is the latest e.g.


You can then add this as a target in your FxCop project.





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