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Its not education , technical or Salesforce related post. Its source code of Family fun game Tambola.

Free online Tambola Game
Free online Tambola Game

This weekend, we all friends gathered together to play one of most famous Indian game Tambola. This game is also known as Housie or Bingo.  Normally there is central pot where numbers between 1 to 90 placed in piece of paper or plastic balls. Host reveals numbers one by one by randomly selecting those balls or piece of papers from pot. Problem for us were, we all have children and there is no way they will allow us to play with this way. Instead of host picking numbers, our kids would have been played with those. So what I did is, simple HTML page with random number generator between 1 to 90. Plugged my laptop to chromecast and voila, everyone in room playing traditional game in modern way 😉

Sometimes, its hard to remember Tambola number meaning, so added those as well.

Play Tambola Game online here.

If anyone interested in Source code, below it is :


  1. Well done. Good to see that you also posted the description / aliases for the numbers or the way numbers are called in this game. It makes it very interesting. Thank you for this!

      1. We have a time set for socials as we are working from home.would like to play this.Can you help.

  2. how about generating tickets printable on A4 size paper with running serial numbers 6×2 twelve tickets per page

  3. Very good software. But why the numbers do not appear at the correct places. For example – no. 1 should appear in the first box, no. 2 in second box , no. 90 in last box. Also there should be vocal announcement of numbers.

  4. I also love to play bingo games with my family and sometime playing these type of games is lovable. But the number greater idea is really unique one.

  5. I was able to recreate the error that people are seeing of not all numbers getting generated. The issue is when you are impatient and click too many times, or are used to double clicking.

    There is a simple fix for that – we just disable the ‘generate number’ button as soon as we receive a click, and then re-enable it after we are done with generating the next number and the animation.

    Here is the suggested fix of the click handler of the btnGenerate button (indented the 4 additional lines of code):

    $(‘#btnGenerate’).click(function() {
    $(this).val(‘Please wait …’)
    random = bingo.generateNextRandom().toString();
    //$(‘td.cell’ + random).addClass(‘selected’);
    endAt: 90,
    duration: animDuration
    $(‘td.cell’ + random).addClass(‘selected’);
    $(“#numCounter”).animate({zoom: ‘200%’}, “slow”);
    $(“#numCounter”).animate({zoom: ‘100%’}, “slow”);
    $(‘#btnGenerate’).val(‘Generate Number’)
    }, animDuration*1000);


  6. Where I get tickets to play this game? I want to play this with my Colleagues online on call please help me with tickets

  7. i had try your code by pasting it in notepad with .htm format but its output is not able to run output(i.e. not able to generate numbers)

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