Install MySQL and Query Browser in Ubuntu

To open the Terminal, go to Application > Accessories > Terminal

Open terminal in ubuntu
Open terminal in ubuntu

Type the following command at terminal.

  • $sudo apt-get install mysql-server
console screen look like during downloading the mysql in Ubuntu
console screen look like during downloading the mysql in Ubuntu

  • mysql comes with no root password. To set the root password, type:

$mysqladmin -u root password your-new-password

$sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart

  • Install mysql query browser

$sudo apt-get install mysql-query-browser

  • After installing, go to Applications > Programming > MySQL Query Browser to connect to mysql as shown below.
open mysql query browser in ubuntu
open mysql query browser in ubuntu

Enter Server Hostname, Username and Password. Click on Connect and MySQL is now installed on Ubuntu.

Connect to MySQL using Query Browser in Ubuntu
Connect to MySQL using Query Browser in Ubuntu


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  9. Thank you very much for this post.

    I have been going through various books on MySQL for beginners and they all gloss over how this is done. I’m new to Ubuntu and MySql, I tried using the Ubuntu software centre, that method failed, it says

    “Requires installation of untrusted packages.”

    You click the link, and get

    “mysql-admin mysql gui tools-common mysql-query-browser”, which is what I want and it doesn’t install.

    Using your method it worked first time.

    Many thanks for this post

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