How to change SAP tables without coding or debugging

Generally, transactin code SM3o is used to edit any table in SAP. To use this trasnaction code, user needs to go thorough some authorizatios checks. No matter security on table editing, the SAP table contects can be directly edited by usign the trasnaction code SE16N as below:

When in transaction SE16N use the command &SAP_EDIT in the command field in SAP. However, this works if you have debug with changes access for object S_DEVELOP, but S_TABU_DIS is ignored as well as the system settings regarding changes. If you use this function for transaction, master data or other tables that cannot be changed with SM30, you can cause quiet some damage.  So, use with caution.

The step by step information is given below:

1:  Use transaction SE16N  and enter a table of your choic

2: In the command field enter “&SAP_EDIT” and hit enter. The maintenance indicator in SE16N will be switched  on.

3) Execute the table for requried values and the table entries can be edited:

If you dont have access to S_DEVELOP with change activities for object type DEBUG, this function will not be possible.

If you want to allow this function, you can audit who changed data via SE16N by browsing the following tables;

SE16N_CD_KEY : Change Documents – Header
SE16N_CD_DATA : Change Documents – Data






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