Federated Search in Salesforce

Federated Search in Salesforce

Using Federated Search, we can search for content outside Salesforce. Federated Search utilizes Open Search Document behind the scene. Open Search was coined by Jeff Bezos (CEO – Amazon) in March 2005. Open Search is a collection of technologies & standards that allows publishing of results to be utilized by Search Engines.

For Demo purpose, I have enabled my website compatible with Open Search at below URL


Step 1 :

Add External Data Source by clicking New External Data Source.

Provide any suitable name – in this case Jitendra’s Blog.

Select Federated Search : OpenSearch as Type.

Provide this path for OSD (Open Search Document) file format – https://www.jitendrazaa.com/blog/wp-json/opensearch/1.1/document

Click on Validate and Sync.

Step 2 :

Create permission set giving permission to view this External Object and all fields. Assign this permission set to anyone who needs to use search for content outside Salesforce.

We can also enable this federated search in Communities by updating global Search Component and giving community members access to this newly created permission set.

Once above setup is completed – you can search for any term on global search and select External Results as shown in below image :





2 responses to “Federated Search in Salesforce”

  1. Manjiri Avatar

    Hi Jitendra,

    Excellent article, I am trying to use confluence search as an external data source to setup a federated search in salesforce, I have used this URL https://poppins.atlassian.net/wiki/opensearch/osd.action which I found in my confluence page’s source head tag, however after I click Validate and Sync I get the following in the status “This is probably not a valid OpenSearch Description, verify that the URL points to an OpenSearch compliant search engine.” Would you be able to help me with what I am doing wrong?

  2. Hugo Avatar

    Hi Manjiri,
    I have the same issue and, as I’ve checked, this is caused as they are not directly compatible. Salesforce accepts atom+xml and rss+xml URL types, while Confluence only offers text/html.
    I’ll try to use a third-party provider, but I’ve found someone used a Reverse Proxy Server but didn’t provide further details (https://dfc-org-production.force.com/forums/?id=9062I000000DK0PQAW) and I’m versed using proxies that maybe my next investigation step.
    Good luck and let me know if you find a solution.

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