Read Query Parameter in Lightning Component

Launch Lightning Component using formula field and also read query parameter in Salesforce Lightning Component

Before Summer 18, to read parameter in Lightning Component, we had to wrap Lightning Component in Lightning Application. After Summer 18, it has changed for good.

In this blog post we would create a formula field to launch Lightning Component (yes, you read it right). And then we would read URL parameter in Lightning Component using pageReference provided by interface lightning:isUrlAddressable.

Create a formula field on Account to launch Lightning Component and read its parameter.

Formula Field to Launch Lightning Component
Formula Field to Launch Lightning Component

As you can see in above image, we would be using Hyperlink method to create link in Lightning Experience

HYPERLINK("/lightning/cmp/c__ReadParameter?accountName="+ Name , "Launch")

Create a Lightning Component with below source code

After clicking on formula field, Lightning component would look like below image showing capability to read URL parameter

Read URL Parameter in Salesforce Lightning Component
Read URL Parameter in Salesforce Lightning Component

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  1. Thanks so much Jitendra, really useful article.
    Will the formula field work in Salesforce Classic and salesforce 1 mobile too?

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