Salesforce Integration with SQL Server Integration Services

On April-14, 2018,  I had a chance to conduct online session on demonstrating integration between SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Salesforce with the help of COZYROC connector.

This session covered below topics

  • Introduction to ETL
  • What is SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • COZYROC connector
  • Demo of extracting and updating records in Salesforce
  • Demo of downloading attachments from Salesforce
  • Demo of uploading attachments in Salesforce
  • Best Practices – How to configure SSIS package to avoid hardcoding
  • Best Practices – enabling logging

Recording of Session 




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3 responses to “Salesforce Integration with SQL Server Integration Services”

  1. lajaykumarAjay Avatar

    Excellent session. I am not able to connect to the SQL database as server is not showing up, it is blank. I did refresh multiple times, still same. any recommendations?

  2. Bhawna Avatar

    Hi Jitendra, you have written such an awesome blog on Salesforce Integration, which helps me solve my difficulties which I was facing during operation. Thanks for this article.

  3. Anivesh Avatar

    Hi Sir,

    My requirement is to get the Orders information from Oracle when we send details related to order from salesforce end.
    Can you please suggest me best ways to implement it.

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