Become expert in formulas – Salesforce Video Newsletter – July 2015

Below are short videos on how to get things done in Salesforce from documentation and user interface team.


Formulas are very powerful. They can help you to do everything from pulling informations from parent to child objects or caluclate something on basis of other field present on same record or parent record. Below are list of videos to make you more productive on formula.

Getting started with Formulas

This video gives brief intoroduction to Salesforce formulas accessing the formulas editor in the app, and how to use the editor tools to create formulas.

Formulas : Tips and gotchas

Formulas are powerhouse and can be used in reports and fields. This video will walk you through a few professional tips on how to get started, and how to avoid some common pitfalls. We use best practices such as writing your formula in plain language and using formatting to organize the formula so it’s easy to read. We cover how to handle blank fields in both addition or substraction or division.

Formula : Calculate number of days

Have you every wanted to calculate the number of days that case has been open ? This short video walks you through constructing a formula that will calculate the number of days it took to close a case, or if the case is still open, how many days have passed since it was opened.

Accessing email from lookup field

Have you ever wanted to use a field from a lookup object on its child object ? Example – Accessing email field from lookup object in a workflow that is created on child object ? This video will give you demo on such scenario. There is script object which has writer object as parent. Using series of formula fields, email is sent to writer by workflow triggered by script.

Creating Image formula

Have you ever wanted to get more graphics in your salesforce org ? In this quick video demo, rating field is created which shows 5 star for hot lead, 3 star for warm and 1 star for cold.

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