Creating Progress Bar field using Formula| Without any coding

In this post we will discuss on creating Progress bar field without any coding, just by using formula field. Initially it seems like we can’t create dynamic progress bar field by using only formula in Salesforce. There are some approach, where developers stores 4 images with interval of 25% or 10 images with 10% interval and displaying image with help of Case or IF statement.

We will create Progress bar field, which will reflect every percentage.

Progress Bar using Formula field in Salesforce
Progress Bar using Formula field in Salesforce

To create perfect Progress bar field, we will need to take help of two images.

  1. Empty filled image with border (Download Sample)
  2. Filled rectangular image (Download Sample)

Upload above two images in Static resource. Once it is uploaded create a formula field.

In Formula field we will be appending both images and repeating “Filled Image” as per percentage field. Logic can be seen in below image.

Logic for Progress Bar using Formula field in Salesforce
Logic for Progress Bar using Formula field in Salesforce

Formula for Progress Bar Image

IMAGE('/resource/1398170360000/BlueProgressBar', 'Test', 10, ( percField__c * 100 )) &
IMAGE('/resource/1398170333000/ProgressBorder', 'Test', 10, (100 - percField__c * 100 )) &
' ' &
TEXT (percField__c * 100) &

In above code “1398170360000” is ID of static resource displayed in URL.

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  • Simrin Singh


    How can this formula be used if i am using a visualforce page and the progress bar depends on a value from custom controller

    • Hi simran, in vf page you cannot use this. May ne ui can uae some library like jquery UI.

  • This is awesome Jitendra, but my image isn’t displaying correctly in Salesforce. I made sure that the filler image is publicly available and in a shared document folder, but no luck. Any suggestions?

    • Hey brent, Thanks for feedback. It should be uploaded in Static resource and number is ID of static resource. I have updated this post.

    • I actually got this to work. The issue was the URL I used for the image. Got this to work with ‘/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01515000004mXEM’ as the URL where the ID provided is the Salesforce ID for the image. Thanks for this awesome information!

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  • Gregg O

    Hey Brent. Here is my code. What am I missing? My progress bar is showing up with the words test in it versus a shaded color. Thought? Thanks!

    IMAGE(‘/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01536000001IOcr’, ‘Test’, 10, ( Reported_Committed__c * 100 )) &

    IMAGE(‘/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01536000001IOcm’, ‘Test’, 10, (100 – Reported_Committed__c * 100 )) &

    ‘ ‘ &

    TEXT (Reported_Committed__c * 100) &


  • Chris Pearson

    These progress bars look awful in Lightning Experience – any way to optimize for LEX?