Google Desktop Search in Folder

Google desktop from Google has been discontinued, so below article will not be useful.

Now days, the requirement for hard disc in personal computer is increased dramatically. And if the size increased then necessity of software to manage the files and folders also increased.

To manage the documents and easy search, you can convert your system in “Google search enabled System” by just downloading Google desktop from here.

To enable the google search any time click cntrl Key twice and you will get your own google.

Google Desktop SearchJust start typing, you will get two options:

  • Search on Desktop
  • Search on Web

The tip I wanted to share with you is : Search specific folder content using Google Desktop.

To search we will use here operator under provided by Google.

The syntax is as follow:

Who logged under:”D:TutorialsUtilities”

Above text will search for text “Who logged” in Folder “D:TutorialsUtilities”

Google Desktop Search Result





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