Earn more from google adsense – Tips to earn money

  • Match your Adsense colors with your site colors.
  • Do not use borders to your text ads.
  • Use link units in your site. Link units near site navigation links can perform well. also  link units don’t need too much Ad space on your site and link units are not annoying to users.
  • Use Google site-specific search box with Adsense. This is the best option other than content targeted ads. You have option to select ad location on your site search result page. Put Adsense ads at the top and bottom of search result page. The best location of Google search box is – top right corner of your site.
  • Prefer Text ads instead of image ads. This will increase probability of more user interested ads. I will to suggest keep the text and image ad formats for your site. Use text and image ad format for following type of ad formats:
  1. 250í—250 Square
  2. 160í—600 wide skyscraper
  3. 336í—280 large rectangle
  4. 300í—250 medium rectangle. These are best performing ad units and will also increase your ad inventory.
  • Use section targeting to target ads relevant to your site or page content. Section targeting code is nothing but code tag provided by Google to direct their crawler to show relevant ads to page content. Use section targeting code on each page.
  • Ad placement is important. Place the Adsense ads above the main fold, means user should see your top performing ad units without scrolling down on your site. This will increase Ad CTR.
  • Use Google Adsense ad preview tool can help you to view all ads showing on your site and also helpful for blocking irrelevant ads.
  • Study your keywords. Target ads to these keywords. If you are not using section targeting Adsense feature then don’t forget to add your page-targeted keywords in the beginning of your post. Google Adsense crawler generally searches for first one or two paragraphs to target ads to that page.
  • Placing images above or next to the ad units will increase ad visibility and more chances of click on such ads increasing your CTR.
  • You can use “heatmap“ provided by Google to analyze other top performing ad placement slots. See the Image below. Ad slots with dark color are hot spots than the faint ones.
  • Track all ad performance using Channels. Channels are nothing but individual ad units, which you can track for performance. Study the Adsense revenue report in detail.  Don’t keep on changing ad formats, colors and placements every one or two days. Track the ad unit placement at least for 2 weeks to judge the ad slot performance.
  • Optimize your site for search engines. SEO is the key point for high traffic websites. Moreover traffic from search engines can convert well in case of Adsense ads. Users coming from search engines are clicking more on your Adsense ads than regular readers.
  • Ads placed in-between the content perform well. But keep in mind this can be annoying to your site readers. So avoid too much of blended ads in content.


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