Useless Tricks to increase Alexa Rank

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Useless tricks used by webmasters to increase the Alexa Ranking.

Install Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress
Installing Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress will edit all your internal blog links to add the “Alexa redirect” prefix, i.e.,
However, let me tell you one thing, this doesn’t work on persons who does not Alexa toolbar installed. Far worse than that, it will completely destroy your internal linking structure of the site. In addition, there is no solid proof that using such will increase Alexa’s traffic ranking.

Installing Firefox Extension That Reloads Web Pages

The extension for Firefox named ReloadEvery reloads web pages at a certain time period on user’s direction. I’ve found many people were using this to increase their page views, hopefully thinking Alexa would count towards their Alexa ranking. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work at all because multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user counted as a single pageview by Alexa. And if you’re using Google Adsense, consider your account to be banned!

Using An Alexa Auto Surf
Alexa auto surfs may work for new sites with terribly low Alexa ranking, but it seems as soon as Alexa discovers people using Auto Surf programs, the website ranking will cease to improve! In addition, if you’re using google adsense, you may get into trouble!

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