Alexa Widget – Good or Bad for your site

Alexa is the famous ranking system amongst the webmasters. Previously i have written many articles about Alexa that what is Alexa? What is the advantages and disadvantages of Alexa? How to increase the Alexa ranking etc..

This time i have come up with new topic named : Alexa Widget – Good or Bad?

As Alexa is very popular ranking system, so webmasters usually try various tips and tricks to increase the ranking and placing the Alexa widget on page is one of them.

However many webmasters doesn’t know the worst effect of Alexa widget.

Most of the time the Alexa widgets goes unavailable for unknown time. In those cases the page on which the Alexa widget is placed renders very slowly or sometimes the page doesn’t loads.

So the solution is removing Alexa widget from the page. but removing means loosing your Alexa ranking statistics. and i know very well that nobody want this solution.

Best Solution is placing the Alexa widget in the footer section, so that whenever it goes unavailable your page already rendered. Very Simple yet very useful trick. 🙂






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