Advantage and Disadvantage of Alexa Ranking System

Alexa is well known ranking system on the web. It is refered by most of the advertisement company and search engines to estimate the value of your website on the internet. However the Alexa has many advantages and disadvantages as discussed below:


  1. It is very useful for the beginners who have just started the website to get into popularity.
  2. It is considered as one of the popular ranking system.
  3. Most of the Advertisers refer this site to check the value of your site.
  4. Ranking system is used these days for determining the website popularity.


  1. It is totally dependent on ALEXA toolbar installed in your browser.
  2. It is not accurate.
  3. Anyone can easily cheat these ranking system. refer this article for detail.
  4. This does not consider the SEO factors even to determine the ranking.

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  1. qaiser Avatar

    nice tutorial sir…

    but can you explain me what is back linking???
    i am very thankfull to you…

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