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In Previous articles, i have written article about DataGrid.

DataGrid, GridView and DataList controls are derived from the WebControl class, while the Repeater control is derived from the Control class. The WebControl class contains a number of properties, such as BackColor, ForeColor, CssClass, BorderStyle and so on.
In ASP .NET basically there are four kinds of the Data Presentation Controls.

  • GridView (more options)
  • DataGrid
  • DataList
  • Repeater (less options)

List of different abilities of Repeater Control, Datalist Control and GridView Control features.

Features of a GridView and DataGrid:

  1. Displays data as a table
  2. Updateable
  3. Item as row
  4. Control over
  • Alternate item
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Colors, font, borders, etc.
  • Paging

Features of Repeater:

  1. List format
  2. No default output
  3. More control
  4. More complexity
  5. Item as row
  6. Not updateable

Features of DataList:

  1. Directional rendering
  2. Good for columns
  3. Item as cell
  4. Alternate item
  5. Updateable

Difference between GridView, Datagrid, DataList and Data Repeater:

  • Please visit here, to get difference between Gridview and DataGrid.
  • Datagrid has paging while Datalist doesnt.
  • Datalist has a property called repeat. Direction = vertical/horizontal. (This is of great help in designing layouts). This is not there in Datagrid.
  • A repeater is used when more intimate control over html generation is required.
  • When only checkboxes/radiobuttons are repeatedly served then a checkboxlist or radiobuttonlist are used as they involve fewer overheads than a Datagrid.

The Repeater repeats a layout of HTML you write, it has the least functionality of the three. DataList is the next step up from a Repeater; accept you have very little control over the HTML that the control renders. DataList is the first of the three controls that allow you Repeat-Columns horizontally or vertically. Finally, the DataGrid is the motherload. However, instead of working on a row-by-row basis, you’re working on a column-by-column basis. DataGrid caters to sorting and has basic paging for your disposal. Again you have little contro, over the HTML. NOTE: DataList and DataGrid both render as HTML tables by default.


  1. is that right Performance wise Repeater is more far better than Gridview But Features wise Gridview is better

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