Opening RadWindow from another RadWindow – Telerik Control

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Opening RadWindow from another RadWindow:

Telerik Control in ASP.NET
Telerik Control in ASP.NET

Sometime it may require opening the radwindow from another radwindow. But believe me; it will not be easy.Problems I faced were:

  • New window opened behind the parent radwindow.
  • New window open in area of parent window only. So we cannot resize the window as per required.
    To overcome all these properties:

Create a java script function which will open the RadWindow in parent page. We will call this function from Radwindow to open new Radwindow so that new window should have complete screen as a width and height.

function OpenParentWnd()
var oWnd = $find("<%=Parent.ClientID %>");//Parent is radwindow ID name;

In current RadWindow, call the above function like this:

function CreateWindowInParent()
//One way to open a window from parent page
var oBrowserWnd = GetRadWindow().BrowserWindow;

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