AutoComplete Component in Visualforce using JQueryUI

In this tutorial, I am going to explain very Simple AJAX and JSON based Auto Complete component with the help of JQuery UI. First I am assuming that you already have Static Resource of named “AutoCompleteWithModal“. This Static resource has all images, CSS and JQuery library needed to implement this component.

In one of my old post, I have already explained that how to generate JSON in Visualforce page. So Considering same article I have create Visualforce page named “Account_JSON” which returns list of Accounts on basis of text entered in input field.

Live Demo :

try searching “gen” or “edg” and spacebar, It will load account after one space.

Visualforce Account_JSON :

<apex:page Controller="AccountJSONCreator" contentType="application/x-JavaScript; charset=utf-8" showHeader="false" standardStylesheets="false" sidebar="false">

Controller AccountJSONCreator :

public with sharing class AccountJSONCreator {

    public String getJSON()
        String AccountName = Apexpages.currentPage().getParameters().get('AccName');
        List<AccountWrapper> wrp = new List<AccountWrapper>();
        for (Account a : [Select a.Id, a.Website, a.Name, a.BillingCountry, a.BillingCity
                                Account a
                            WHERE Name Like : '%'+AccountName+'%' ]) {
               AccountWrapper w = new AccountWrapper (a.Name, nullToBlank (a.BillingCountry), nullToBlank (a.BillingCity));
        return JSON.serialize(wrp);

    public String nullToBlank(String val)
        return val == null ?'':val;

    public class AccountWrapper
        String AccName,BillingCountry,BillingCity;

        public AccountWrapper(String aName, String bCountry, String bCity)
            AccName = aName;
            BillingCountry = bCountry;
            BillingCity = bCity;

    static testMethod void AccountJSONCreatorTest() {
        AccountJSONCreator obj = new AccountJSONCreator();

Now let’s create a Component which will make AJAX request to above visualforce page “Account_JSON” and Parse JSON page using JQuery.

Component Autocomplete_Component :

 <apex:attribute name="ComponentLabel" description="Label of Component"
                    type="String" required="true"/>

<apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.AutoCompleteWithModal, '/JQueryUI/css/ui-lightness/jquery-ui-1.8.17.custom.css')}"/>
<apex:includeScript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.AutoCompleteWithModal, '/JQueryUI/js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js')}"/>
<apex:includeScript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.AutoCompleteWithModal, '/JQueryUI/js/jquery-ui-1.8.17.custom.min.js')}"/>
<apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.AutoCompleteWithModal, '/JQueryModal/css/basic.css')}"/>

<style type="text/css">
    .ui-autocomplete-loading { background: white url('{!URLFOR($Resource.AutoCompleteWithModal, 'AjaxLoad.gif')}') right center no-repeat; }

{!ComponentLabel} <apex:inputText id="theTextInput"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
//$ac - AutoComplete

$ac = jQuery.noConflict();

function getLoadingImage()
    var loadImagURL = "{!URLFOR($Resource.AutoCompleteWithModal, 'BigLoad.gif')}";
    var retStr = ['<img src="', loadImagURL ,'" title="loading..." alt="loading..." class="middleAlign" />'];
    return retStr.join("");

var sourcePage = '';

 $ac(function() {
        var txtVal =  $ac('[id="{!$Component.theTextInput}"]');
        //This method returns the last character of String
        function extractLast(term) {
            return term.substr(term.length - 1);

            source: function( request, response ) {

                //Abort Ajax
                var $this = $ac(this);
                var $element = $ac(this.element);
                var jqXHR = $'jqXHR');

                    url: sourcePage+'&AccName='+txtVal.val(),
                    dataType: "json",
                    data: {
                    success: function( data ) {
                        response( $ data , function( item ) {
                            return {
                                label: '<a>'+
                                item.AccName+"<br />"+
                                '<span style="font-size:0.8em;font-style:italic">'
                                +item.BillingCity+', '+item.BillingCountry+
                                value: item.AccName
                    complete: function() {

                        //This method is called either request completed or not

                        //remove the class responsible for loading image

            search: function() {
                // If last character is space
                    var term = extractLast(this.value);
                    if(term == " ")
                        return true;

                //If String contains at least 1 space
                if (this.value.indexOf(" ") >= 0)
                    $ac('[id="{!$Component.theTextInput}"]').autocomplete('option', 'delay', 500);
                    return true;
                return false;
            focus: function() {
                // prevent value inserted on focus
                return false;
            select: function(event, ui) {
                var selectedObj = ui.item;
                return true;
        }).data("autocomplete")._renderItem = autoCompleteRender;


function autoCompleteRender(ul, item) {
    return $ac("<li></li>").data("item.autocomplete", item).append(item.label).appendTo(ul);


Now Visualforce page, which will host above Component.

Viusalforce Page : AutoCompleteDemo

<apex:page >
    <apex:form >
        <c:autocomplete_component ComponentLabel="Enter Account Name : "/>
JQuery UI and JSON based AJAX AutoComplete Component in Salesforce
JQuery UI and JSON based AJAX AutoComplete Component in Salesforce

Download Static resource – AutoCompleteWithModal





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19 responses to “AutoComplete Component in Visualforce using JQueryUI”

  1. Ravi Avatar

    hi. I tried this code in my developer org it is not working. When i checked this in the Mozilla firefox debugger. it shows me an error message
    TypeError: this._container is undefined

    Could you please help me with this?

    Ravi sankar

    1. JitendraZaa Avatar

      On which line you are getting error ? Can u please screenshot ? i have not used “this._container” any where.

      1. Ravi Avatar

        Am getiing the following error message

        1. Kalyan Avatar

          Hi Jitendra thanks for sharing this but when I use the same code it does not give me any values instead just a circle comes and goes off with out any values. Can you please help me

          1. Jitendra Zaa Avatar

            Do you see any error in Javascript console ?

  2. Muneendar Avatar

    Hi.I have a scenario that when i enter the the pincode(Zipcode) need to populate State and Country i their respective fields

  3. Muhammad Affu Avatar
    Muhammad Affu

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

  4. Anshul Avatar

    Hi Jitendra,

    everything works like a charm for me but I need to capture the account Id somehow, so that I can use it in my controller. and I do not want to show that Account in when we search for an account?

    is there any quickfix?

  5. Ashish Thakur Avatar
    Ashish Thakur

    Hi Jitendra,

    Can I use this for multiple fields of same object on a VF page?


    Field 1 (AutoComplete)
    Field 2 (AutoComplete)
    Field 3 (AutoComplete)
    Field 4 (AutoComplete)


    1. Jitendra Zaa Avatar

      Yeah, you can.

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  8. Rajesh Avatar

    Hi Jitendra, thanks a lot for sharing this Information. Need you help in understanding the {!JSON} part in VF page. I replaced the JSON with the code that you have provided in other forum page but i am not getting the desired result.
    I am receiving “Undefined” as the result.

  9. saurabh Avatar

    Hi Jitendra.

    I am getting the following error. the ajax effect for loading is working fine.

    AutoCompleteDemo?core.apexpages.request.devconsole=1:1 Invalid ‘X-Frame-Options’ header encountered when loading ‘–’: ‘ALLOW-FROM https://testsaurabh-dev-ed–‘ is not a recognized directive. The header will be ignored.

    1. Abhishek Anand Avatar
      Abhishek Anand

      Hey Saurabh,

      Did you find any solutoin for this i am also facing the same issue.
      Please share how to fix this.

  10. Abhishek Anand Avatar
    Abhishek Anand

    Hi Jitendra,

    I am facing the similar problem as Saurabh in the above comment which is :-

    “AutoCompleteDemo?core.apexpages.devmode.url=1&core.apexpages.request.devconsole=1:1 Invalid ‘X-Frame-Options’ header encountered when loading ‘–’: ‘ALLOW-FROM https://sfdfunky-dev-ed–‘ is not a recognized directive. The header will be ignored.”

    once i bypass the above error by disabling CORS in chrome(not a practical solution for the client org but for testing), i am also facing another issue which is mentioned below:-

    HTTP-Based Public Key Pinning is deprecated. Chrome 69 and later will ignore HPKP response headers. (Host:

    and this error seems to be a chrome ( firefox, opera also that support HPKP) specific error from chrome version 69 . This seems to be a security update that has been initiated by google and soon other browsers would see this coming. Is there a way to handle this issue for salesforce and would there be an impact of this on the existing lightning component, please shed some light.

    Meanwhile i am also trying to find a solution for this, your support would be very helpfull

  11. Rob Avatar

    Hi, Thank you for posting this article. It was a huge help! I tried to expand this logic into a site and I am receiving this error:
    Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘URL’ from origin ‘URL’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Any thoughts? I tried adding the origin URL into the CORS settings in SF.

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  13. […] Zaa has a fantastic blog post on creating an autocomplete lookup field component for Visualforce pages.  The only issue I […]

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