Explain the MVC design pattern of Salesforce.com – Interview Question

Model view controller (MVC) design pattern is the one of the most popular design pattern in 3 tier applications. Salesforce.com is award winning tool to manage all the data of sales team of an organization. The flexibility and assurance of safe data provided by Salesforce.com results into nonparallel development capabilities to the developer. One normal questions asked in salesforce is explaining the MVC behavior of the application.

Salesforce Model view controller (MVC)

So lets discuss that how Salesforce.com uses MVC pattern.

MVC pattern contains below three modules:

  1. Model
  2. View
  3. Controller

Model : What schema and data does salesforce uses to represent the system completely.  In salesforce, we can say that sObjects are the model as every entity in salesforce is mapped to some sObject.

View : How the schema and data is represented. Visualforce is used to present the data to users.

Controller : How the interface actions. Controllers are used to perform the actions whenever users interact with visual force.


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