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Enable SMS In Salesforce Using Digital Engagement

Amazon, Apple, Google, etc all trillion-dollar companies, what do they have in common? Their obsession for customer service & keeping customers at the center of your business.

It’s not only about trillion-dollar companies, but also medium and small businesses, if they want to succeed in this comparative market, they need to make sure customer service is at the heart of their business.

If I ask you a question, which technology gadget you cannot live with ? That’s your mobile phone and it is pretty much possible that you are reading this blog post right now on your mobile device.

So, if you are a customer and you have some issue, what are some of the options that you would like to use to contact companies? Phone calls are great but the problem is its real-time communication and you need to be on call with a customer representative and cannot do multi-tasking.

The email could be another option, but spammers, marketers they have flooded our email box and to be honest, I hate opening my emails, there are tons of unread email every day.

So, what point I’m trying to make here? I’m indirectly talking about channels and ways customers can try to connect to the company if they face issues. Phone & emails are out because of some reasons mentioned above. The few options which are left are Social media, Live chat, or SMS. Customers can do multi-tasking while using all these channels. They don’t need to be on call for 30 mins or 1 hour to get issues resolved.

That brings us to our blog post title, how can we use SMS in Salesforce to enable customers to reach out via text message? Today, we have lots of options like AppExchange products, Live Message and then there is the new kid on the ground – Digital Engagement.

Live Message product in Salesforce was part of heywire acquisition in 2016. However, like most Salesforce products, Live Message is scheduled to be retired in an effort to give a single omni channel experience to customer reps for all digital channels, which in my opinion is a welcome move.

Enough of background, let’s dive into how do we set up SMS in digital experience.

If you are video person, go ahead skip this post and watch below video.

How to setup SMS in Digital Engagement – Salesforce Service Cloud

First step is to navigate to Setup | Feature Settings | Service | Messaging Settings and enable Messaging.

Now, click on New Channel and select SMS Text Messaging.

Select new Channel in Digital Experience

Depending on which country you are setting up SMS, you may need Letter of Authorization (LOA) or not. Refer this link to know more about what is LOA and what information needed by Salesforce to add phone number.

Upload LOA to enable phone number for SMS

Once case is created, Salesforce would take some time to add phone number and activate it for use.

Next step is just like any other service channel, add contact center users in Queue and assign presence status to their profile or permission set.

Once all setup is done, open Sales or Service console, change presence status of Omni channel to be available for messaging and start providing world class service to your customer.

If this blog post helped you, feel free to let me know your thoughts in comments.

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4 responses to “Enable SMS In Salesforce Using Digital Engagement”

  1. Amrish Sharma Avatar
    Amrish Sharma

    Hey Jitendra,

    I just want to know that how we can do this in our developer org. I want to learn this Digital Engagement for my developer org SMS/Whats App/Facebook messanger.

  2. 360smsapp Avatar

    Great Blog, nicely cover all topic.

  3. Mohammed Avatar

    Hi Jitendra,

    Can we do Bot like flow in the SMS ? for example providing some options to user and based in the reply sending some other list.


  4. Sreeni Avatar

    Hi Jitender,

    Thanks for the details. Can we get any SMS API to send dynamic sms thru flow or apex as part of the Digital Engagement?


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